"field1", "field2", "field3", "field4", "field5"); // The names of the tables where the data from your globe*Trotter fields are stored $FIELDS_display_name = array(1=>"name", "email", "website", "message", "date"); // The display names that correlate to the table names. $GLOBETROTTER_version = "dev_012805"; // This is the Globe*Trotter version that you have. Do not edit this variable -- it will be used by Globe*Trotter when you upgrade to a newer version. $template = "Light-Gray-slim"; // This is the template name to use simply enter the name of a template folder under templates/ // The templates and template code were donated by Spaceman-Spiff (http://www.monkey-pirate.com/blogs/spiff/) // The default installed templates are: // Dark-Gray-slim // Light-Blue // Light-BlueGreen // Light-Cream // Light-Grey-slim // Light-Orange // Light-Purple // Light-Red // wood-transparent // wood-withbg // XP // ?>